1st Europe - Turkey Forum

  • 5-6th December 2008,Sopot, Poland

Member states of the Europe are faced with a challenge of high importance. This is how to find the right balance of advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and threats of the future Turkish accession. Once Turkey meets all the political and economic criteria expected by the EU membership states, it will provide a valuable platform for communication between Europe and countries of Middle East, Asia and the Caucasus and a crucial element strengthening EU’s economy and its security systems. In this regard, sharing Turkey’s other gainings from its multidimensional foreign policy with EU has became even more important. Especially, Turkey’s Africa and Asia policy and experiences gained in this area is one of the important issue in terms of EU’s future. There are however unprecedented and essential questions that need to be adressed: Is Turkey with its cultural complexity truly interested in its accession to the EU and then capable of complying with all aspects of European integration? Moreover is the Europe ready for a dialogue with Turkey? Has the EU got the capacity of Turkey’s full membership?
It is also open to the question whether the process of European political and economic integration is able to cross over its safe borders within Europe in order to strengthen the EU so that it would be able to counterbalance on the global arena the powers of United States and also growing power blocs in Asia. The first Europe-Turkey Forum will offer a fantastic opportunity for an open and constructive discussion.

Plenary Sessions:
Turkey and European Integration
EU-Turkey Relations: Challenges and Threats

1. The Role of Turkey in South-East Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa
2. Turkey as a bridge between East And West and its role in the EU’s energy security
3. Turkey in the European identity
4. Economic potential of Turkey and its usage in the EU’s common market
5. On the way to accession: Turkey’s relations with its neighbours in the region
6. The role of Turkey on EU-NATO relations
7. Direct foreign investments: investment profiles of Turkey an EU
8. The Black Sea Region and EU commitment