Turkic World Red Apple Awards Presentation 2

World Turkic Forum led by TASAM is a global organization which gathers representatives from Turkic States, opinions leaders from Turkic Diasporas around the world, Think Tanks and non-governmental organizations within the frame of multi-dimensional issues and strategically contributes to the deepening of common agenda and socio-economic integration.
Turkic World includes all the people of Turkic descend both geographically and culturally. Besides Central Asia and Turkistan, Turkic World consists of Republic of Turkey, Turkic regions and Diasporas in Europe, Caucasus, China and Russian Federation, Turkic states and Autonomous Turkic Republics. World Turkic Forum; by increasing interaction within Turkic World; aims to develop political, scientific, economic and cultural cooperation in order to contribute maintaining global peace, democracy and stability.      

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