TSV 2023 | Development of Values Turkey Vission International Congress

  • 'Reference Values, Institutions, Persons'
The studies under the title of “Development of Values” have been third and the last process of the Project. The actual comments of values of the country and the ability of the country to represent these comments have been accepted as the main focus point by the presupposion that prosperity and power will bring the corruption without the Development of Values. The steps in the same context will have an important role on being able to move Turkey to the forefront at human advance in the 21st century, its local and global efficiency and prestige. By putting forth the historical foundations and original attributes of the accumulation of civilization centered Anatolia, it has been aimed by the studies to create an academic discussion platform for developing a new perspective of civilization regarding the future of world and Turkey.
Consequently, to provide a strategic contribution to the development of a living area, which people all around the world can say that “I Want to Live in Turkey”, whose public administration, companies, cities, social and cultural fabrics have been branded in base of strength and justice with a nonstop innovation produced by a strong critical thought dynamics, by being a pioneer country at human advance, is a main reference of the studies.
Reference Values, Institutions, Persons
Development of Civilization Turkey Vision | Reference Values
Development of Civilization Turkey Vision | Reference Institutions  
Development of Civilization Turkey Vision | Reference Persons