5th Turkey - Europe Forum

  • “Turkey - EU Civil Diplomacy Building: Management of Capacity Building and Multi-Dimensional Cooperation”
( In CIVIL GLOBAL 2016 )

TASAM since 2008, Turkey organized by the European countries as a continuation of international events; "Turkey - EU Civil Diplomacy Building: Capacity Building for Management and Multidimensional Cooperation" academy dealing with the EU in Turkey under the main theme and business representatives, the institutions operating in Turkey, the European countries, to Europe's common future with Turkey in Europe about the work that institutions together in specialist to create a network bringing together think tanks and academia and Turkey - which aims to provide quality contributions to the development of EU relations 250 people 7. Turkey - EU Forum will be held in the two-day scientific meeting format Summit calendar.

Main Theme
Turkey - EU Civil Diplomacy Building: Management of Capacity Building and Multidimensional Cooperation

Sub Themes
Civil Diplomacy in Turkey-EU Relations
Future of the EU: Potential of Capacity Building
Multidimensional Cooperation: Aims and Difficulties
Turkey-EU Countries Dual and Triple Projects and Events
(Germany, France, Holland, the UK, Italy, Poland and Ukraine Expansion)
Turkey-EU Mutual Expectations and Foresights
(Priority Areas in the Perspective of EU's Future)
Turkey-EU Multilateral Projects and Affects to Multidimensional Relations
(Africa, Balkans, Black Sea, Caucasus, Middle East, Middle Asia, Latin America)