7th International Balkan Forum

  • Health Diplomacy and Tourism

In order to contribute to cooperation process among Balkan countries, TASAM has decided that the main theme of 7th International Balkan Forum would be “Health Diplomacy and Tourism”.   

We hope that this Forum will strengthen cooperation among Balkan states in health and tourism sectors with proactive approaches and will contribute to the transformation of cultural differences into richness.  



Health Diplomacy and Tourism



International Health Perspective

- Moral and Ethical Values  

- Health Law

Major Factors of Health Diplomacy

- International State Investments

- Private Sector

- Red Crescent and Red Cross

- NGOs

Successes in Health Sector and Health Tourism

-New Inventions and Accepted Treatment Centers.

- Health Education

- Alternative Treatment Centers

Multilateral and Bilateral Cooperations in Tourism 

- State Aid and Actions

- Mutual Agreements

-Common Activity Field in International Organizations

Non-state Actors in Tourism: Proactive Suggestions

- Local Authorities

- Civil Society

- Private Sector

- Media