9th Balkan Communication Network Conference

  • "Balance in the Balkans; EU, Turkey and Russia”
As a continuation of the annual conferences organised by TASAM since 2010 as part of the Balkan Communication Network built in 2005 with the attendance of think tanks from Balkan countries under leadership of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Strategic Research Center; under the main theme of “Balance in the Balkans; EU, Turkey and Russia”, with the attendance of 150 people who are managers and representatives of research centres and think tanks that are members of the network, in order to discuss daily topics the 9'th Balkan Communication Network Conference formed of 150 people,will be held as a scientific meeting as a part of  the summit and will last for 2 days.
Main Theme
Balance in the Balkans; EU, Turkey and Russia
Sub Themes
Relations Between Russia, the European Union and Turkey
European Union Integration and Expansion Strategy of Western Balkan Countries
Russia's South Stream Project, it's Effects Over the Region and Energy Security
Difficulties and Opportunities for the Future
Centralization and İnstitutionalization in the Region
Contradiction Between Policies of the European Union, Russia and Turkey Regarding Conflicts in the Balkans
Evaluation and Strengthening of Soft Power Mechanisms
Regional Deliberations and Cooperation
Supporting Economic and Social Reforms within the Region
Construction of Workforce and Avoiding Migration
Fighting Political and Economic Corruption
Extremism and Avoiding Terror
Activism, Protest and Increasing Demands: Social Movements
Usage of Diplomacy
Regional Defence and Security Problem