Infrastructure Diplomacy Workshop

  • "Diplomacy Construction Industry"
In this context, we hope the Studies of Infrastructure Diplomacy, which will be held in the content of Civil Global 2015-2023-2053 “Development Program of Global Civil Diplomacy”, will provide multilateral profits and important contributions on the development of cooperation opportunities in the national and international area by the proactive approaches.
Main Theme
“Development of Sectoral Diplomacy”
Sub Themes
Historical Background: Development of Multi-National Firms in Turkish Construction and Infrastructure Sector
Architectural Originality, Transact Business Style and Development of Turkey Brand in Sector Place and Importance of Infrastructure Diplomacy in General Diplomatic Activities
Global Competition in Infrastructure and Construction Sector and Situation of Turkish Firms
Importance of Infrastructure Diplomacy in Solution of Financial Problems in Sector Activities
-   To Increase Business Capacity by World Bank, Islamic Development Bank and Regional Development Banks
-   Multi-National Finance Firms/Creditor Firms and Infrastructure Diplomacy
Infrastructure Diplomacy and Urbanization Tendency in Developing Countries
Infrastructure Diplomacy and Infrastructural Renewal Requirement in Developed Countries
Infrastructure Diplomacy and Interaction among Local Managements