Migration In Turkey Conference

  • "Transformation of Opportunity and Risks in the Country from Emigrant to Immigrant"
In this context, TASAM will organize an event for discuss what happened and what can be experience in the immigration process in Turkey with participation of academic, politic, economic, bureaucratic coteries. Considering that the Republic of Turkey is always associated with international migration, it is expected that knowledge and experience of the State shed light on the future. At the end of the event, it is aimed at the creation of output that can be effective in the determination of Turkey's official migration policy and migration sourced internal / foreign policies, development of policies that may affect the relations between Turkey and the EU - neighbor countries. It is thought to contribute to the realistic base of binary and multilateral relations with participating in the discussion of migration issue that one of the important subject of Turkey's internal and foreign policy.

Main Theme
“Transformation of Opportunity and Risks in the Country from Emigrant to Immigrant“

Sub - Themes
Turkey and Turks in Europe
(Relations with Turkey; Effects of Turkish Foreign Policies to Turkish Community in Europe; Diasporization of Turkish Communities; Elitization Process of the Diasporas in Host Countries)

Turkey as a Bridge Country
(Legal Sanctions to Illegal Immıgrants to Europe via Turkey; Human Trafficking; Processes Experienced with Neighboring Countries)

Turkey as a Target Country
(Political, Social and Economic Consequences of Turkey's Protectorate of Syrian and Iraqi Refugees; Status of People Who Came to Turkey for Education or Employment)

Official Migration Policies of Turkey
(Past and Present of the State's Official Immigration Policy; Plans for Migration to or from Turkey; Coordination of International Organizations on Migration Issues; Integration with the International Text)