2nd Turkish African NGOs and Thinking Forum

  • “Energy, Food, Water Security and Human Development in Africa"

( In CIVIL GLOBAL 2016 )

As it was the case in the first instance, 2nd Turkish African NGO’s and Thinking Forum will be held by TASAM to be coordinated simultaneously with the agenda and results of the 2nd Official Turkey African Cooperation Summit. The Forum aims at making intellectual contribution to create a continental conscious on the basis of food, energy and water security and about improving human development, providing a strategic output, creating an interaction centered civil society and the thoughts to improve cooperation between Turkey and African countries on the basis of energy, food, water policies, and to present a noteworthy value to the parties with the capacity which is to be constructed in this way.

Main Theme
Energy, Food, Water Security and Human Development in Africa

Global Challenges and Food, Energy and Water Security in Africa
Turkey’s Water Security Vision - Institutional Models
African Water Policies and the Influence of Water on Energy Policies
Risks of Water and Energy Security Conflicts, Opportunities and International Cooperation
Food Security and Turkey’s Vision
Energy Security and Turkey’s Vision
Food, Energy and Water - Complimentary Security Policies
Human Development: Education, Health and Other Social Policies
Human Development and Turkey Vision; "Health for All"
Economic policies and Human Development - The Economics of Human Development