7th International Turkish - Asian Congress

  • “Trans Pacific Partnership, Asia and Turkey”
( In CIVIL GLOBAL 2016 )

While the need for energy and water resources are increasing in the world, due to the uncertainty about the future of these resources, international cooperation on both regional and global levels is required. Especially in Asia where there are various developing countries; need for energy and water resources, food security, health, climate change, drought, global warming and pollution are major problems that Asian countries cannot solve by themselves. In order to resolve these issues long-term regional and continental cooperation is required.

Main Theme
“Trans Pacific Partnership, Asia and Turkey“

Sub - Themes
- Global Threats and Energy, Water and Food Security in Asia
- Natural Security Scenarios (Disasters)
- Consumption Patterns and Demographics
- The Role of Water in Orientation of Energy Policies and Asia Water Politics
- Water and Energy Security Conflicts; Risks, Opportunities and International Cooperation
- Energy, Water and Food: Supplementary Security Policies
- New Technologies, New Institutions and Ideals

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