3rd International Middle East Congress

  • “Sects, Ethnicity and Conflict Resolution”

The Middle East is strategically, economically and culturally important to regional and global powers and each day the need for conflict resolution in this region is increasing. There is a high possibility of exploitation of ethnic and sectarian identities by external powers in Middle East. The main aim of the 3rd International Middle Eastern Congress was to create an intellectual consciousness and communication channels to resolve conflicts in the name of protecting the rights of Middle Eastern countries and its people.            


Main Theme

“Sects, Ethnicity and Conflict Resolution”



Historical Background and Economical, Cultural, Psychological Factors

Sects and Ethnicity: Management Dynamics of Extraterritorial Powers

Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and other countries; Proactive Recommendations

Sects and Ethnicity: Management with Regional References

The Difficulties in Policy Making in Multi-Dimensional World System

The Impact of Ideological and Theological Backgrounds

The Examples to Modern Conflict Resolution: Successful Experiences

Systematic/Structural Problems, Opportunities, Cooperation and Conflict Resolution    

المؤتمر الدولى الثالث للشرق الأوسط أعلان هاتاي