Turkey - Pakistan Round Table Meeting - 1

  • “New Term Turkey - Pakistan Relations: Opportunities and Risks”

Turkey with its population of 75 million, growing economy and its geostrategic position in the middle of Afro-Eurasian main continent has become a prominent country. Turkey has political, historical and cultural ties with Europe, Black Sea, Caucuses, Asia, Middle East and Africa. It is an important member of NATO, OSCE and CICA, and with its recent active foreign policy it has become an important player in global arena.

Sub Themes

Turkey - Pakistan Economic Relations: Opportunities and Obstacles

Middle East and Central Asia and Turkey-Pakistan

Energy Security, Energy Supply Policies and Opportunities

Economic Cooperation

Turkey-Pakistan Security Cooperation, Multidimensional Security and Struggle against Terrorism

Transportation, Logistics, Banking System

Bilateral and Multilateral Capacity Building among OIC Member Countries

Technology Sharing and Innovation in Public administration

Academic and Cultural Cooperation Opportunities

Regional and Global Common Perspectives