Turkey - India Round Table Meeting - 1

  • “Turkish - Indian Relations in the New Term: Rising Powers in the Changing World Order”

Held in cooperation of TASAM and Indonesian Official Think Tank.

Turkey has increasingly grown as an important actor with its 75 million population, developing and expanding economy, geostrategic position in the middle of Afro-Euro-Asian mainland; historical, political, cultural connections with the European, Black Sea, Caucasian, Asian, Middle Eastern and African countries, its activity in the international arena, particularly in the UN; its stand as one of the most important members of NATO, OSCE, and CICA; and its recently advanced activist foreign policy.

On the other hand, India, as largest democracy in the word, is the second in terms of demography, the seventh in terms of geography and the forth in terms purchasing power parity. Capturing a steady line of development in the last period, India has become a global power focus at the dawn of the 21st century. India has the potential to increase its growth rate above 10% in line with the loss of effect of the financial crisis. Like Turkey, India is considered among the best performing economies during the global financial crisis. India is expected to the third largest economy in the world.