7th World Islamic Forum

  • “Strategic Communication: Reference Values, Institutions, Persons”
In this point, 7th World Islamic Forum that will be held under the title of “Strategic Communication: Reference Values, Institutions, Persons” has been targeting to provide a modest contribution to be formed of a unity of discourse in the Islamic world; to be fastened of necessary opinion production for the solution of problems; to be fortified of the image of Islamic countries and to be offered of Islamic savings to the service of all humanity.

Main Theme
Strategic Communication: Reference Values, Institutions, Persons
Sub Themes
Islamic Opinion Saving and Strategic Communication Perspectives
Critical Opinion Dynamics/Institutions
Reference Values (Peace, Justice, Love, Safety of Religion-Mind-Soul-Properts-Generation, Freedom of Human-Will-Expression, Brotherhood, Solidarity, Loyalty, Morals, Courage, Trueness, Science, Knowledge, Taqwa, Assent, Satisfaction, Patience, etc.)
Reference Institutions (Family, Society, Education, Humanitarian Contacts, Financial Institutions, Law, Sufism, Guilds etc.)
Reference Persons (Prophet. Muhammad [pbuh], Bahaeddin Naksibendi, Abdulkadir Gailani, Ahi Evran, Ahmed Yasawi, Aksemseddin, Alia Izzet Begovic, Farabi, Ibn Arabi, Ibn Sina, Jalaluddin Rumi, Yunus Emre etc.)
Common Values, Integration and Strategic Communication
Islamic Economic Model and Security
Social State Model and Security in Islam
Civilizations, Interaction among Civilizations
Common Values in Struggle with Terrorism
Cities as Symbol of Civilization and Security
Art, Esthetic, Culture and Tourism: Products, Models and New Strategies