2nd Turkey - Iran Forum

Turkey distinguishes on global agenda with it' s population of 75 million, developing and growing economy, and it's geo-strategic location in the middle of Afro-Eurasia, the main continents. Turkey has become an important actor with its historical, political and cultural ties with Europe, Black Sea, the Caucasus, Asia, Middle East and African countries; especially with the rising activity in the United Nations and the whole international arena, and with its key memberships in organizations such as NATO, AGIT and CICA, and with active foreign policy in the recent years.

Until today trade and investments deficiency between both of countries has been the main “psychological border“. In this context, Tabriz has great economic, industrial, socio-cultural potential, also for education and tourism. Moreover, cultural proximity is also facilitating bond for both communities.

Main Theme
Opportunities for Sectoral and Financial Deepening

Sub Themes
Public Diplomacy
Culture and Tourism
Construction, Contracting and Infrastructure
Education (Language)
Health and Health Tourism
Energy and Petrochemistry
Industry and Defence Industry
Logistics, Transportation and Correspondence
Banking and Finance
Economy and Commerce
Media and Communication
Science and Technology
Sustainable Environment and Brand Cities

Special Session : Turkey - Iran Civilisation Dialogue