Turkey- China Special Meeting - 1

  • ‘’New Era of Turkey-China Relations: Opportunities and Risks’’
The speacial meeting between delegations of Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM) and Pekin based think-tank China Reform Forum (CFR) will be held in Istanbul with the title of ‘’New Era of Turkey-China Relations: Opportunities and Risks’’.

General Secretary of China Reform Forum Zhang Jia, CFR Senior advisers Li Jingtian and Wei Jianrong, CFR Vice President Yuan Maozhen, CFR Director of Communication Meng Changlin and Assistants Shen Genguan and Jıanh Hailong will participate in the meeting which will be held on August 31th, 2015. Under the leadership of TASAM, President Süleyman Şensoy and TASAM Vice President (R) Ambassador Murat Bilhan, specialists and scholars from Turkey will attend the meeting which will be held in the TASAM headquarters.

In the meeting topics including ‘’Industrial and Financial Deepening ‘’, ‘’Security and Defense Industry’’, ‘’Investment, Trade, Infrastructure and Contracting’’, ‘’Public Diplomacy: Local Authorities, Civil Society, Think Tanks and Media’’, ‘’Change of State Nature’’,’’Expectation Management and Multidimensional Security’’, ‘’ASEAN Region, Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and Integration in Asia’’, ‘’Energy, Water and Food Security’’, ‘’Science and Technology’’, ‘’Academy and Culture’’, ‘’Middle East - Africa, South and Central Asia’’ will be discussed.

Chairman Şensoy: ‘’The Dimension Of Turkey-China interdependency is decisive for future’’

TASAM Chairman Süleyman Şensoy stated that the aim of the Turkey-China Forum is to reveal opportunities and complementarily relations in the Turkey-China relations with a strategic point of view and to build an institutional and intellectual ground for public opinion both in Turkey and China.
TASAM Chairman Şensoy who stated that Turkey and China have common interests in the geopolitical and security areas of the Middle East and Central Asia, and he added ‘’In view of energy security and ever increasing terrorist activities, meeting the requirements of peace and security in these areas is vital for the interests of both countries.’’

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