Turkish - Arab Relations Workshop | Istanbul Security Conference 2015

  • ‘Multidimensional Security Building’
TASAM and Marmara University are delighted to announce the Istanbul Security Conference on the theme of “UN at 70 and the Global Governance“ which will be held in Istanbul on 03-05 December, 2015.

Turkish - Arab Relations Workshop is going to be performed as a spesific workshop during the conference.

Main Theme
Turkish-Arab Relations: Multi-Dimensional Security Building

Sub - Themes
Multi-Dimensional Security Cooperation: Political, Strategic and Economic Bases
Defense and Aerospace Industry: Opportunities and Risks
Soft Power Building and Expectations Management: Experiences and Acquirements
Cyber Security Cooperation (Cyber Army Competitions)
Multi-Dimensional and Supplementary Security Cooperation
( Environment, Terrorism, Smuggling: Food, Energy and Water Security, Demographics, Health, Climate, Urban, Planning Technology, etc. )

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