Climate Modification Technology Workshop | Istanbul Security Conference 2015

  • ‘Atmospheric Manipulation; Opportunities and Threats’
TASAM and Marmara University are delighted to announce the Istanbul Security Conference on the theme of “UN at 70 and the Global Governance“ which will be held in Istanbul on 03-05 December, 2015.

Climate Modification Technology Workshop is going to be performed as a spesific workshop during the conference.

Main Theme
Weather Modification; Opportunities and Threats

Weather Modification Technology and its Usage Areas
Thesis Developed on Climate Modification
Raising Extreme Weather Events and Actual Theories
Scientific Analysis of the Observations in Our Country and in the World
Officially Declared Applications and Positive Examples
Effects of Climate Modification to Air, Water, Soil and Human Health
High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)
Climate Modification, Geoengineering and its Applications
Search of a Legal Floor to the Intervention to Atmosphere of World

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