Istanbul Security Conference | 2015

  • “UN at 70 and Global Governance”
This conference which host different discussions regarding the subject of national, international security and global governance every year; will be centred in Istanbul. Considering the fact that Istanbul is a source of inspiration in terms of understanding the newly shaping world, with its historical and present references, its intellectual accumulation regarding the subject and it's experience with the East and West; this conference aims to positively contribute Turkey adopting the role of being a global source of wisdom. Soft and hard power, new sectoral diplomacy and security channels, the construction of power and justice, the new nature of state, rising powers and changing international system shaped by the rivalry parameters of “micro-nationalism, integration, unpredictability”  will be the subjects of discussion at the forthcoming future conferences. 
TASAM and  Marmara University are delighted to  announce the Istanbul Security Conference  on the theme of “UN at 70 and the Global Governance” which will be held in Istanbul on 03-05 December, 2015. The conference will be composed of several panels on the subject as well as international workshops on selected titles.  
“UN at 70 and Global Governance”
UN Between Multilateralism and Regionalism: Theoretical and Empirical Approaches
The post-Western Order Debates and International Organizations
UN, Crises Management, Humanitarian Intervention and the Future of R2P: Debates and Challenges
Global Justice and Ethics in the Changing World Order
UN and Reform Debates
UN, Emerging Economies and G20
UN and International Law
The Changing International Order, Rising and Middle Powers and Their Contribution to Global Governance
UN, Development and other Issues in Global Governance
UN and Regional Crises: A critical Assessment
Rethinking Turkey- UN Relations in 70th Anniversary

UN and Local Administrations (Public Administration Department, Marmara University)
Turkey in Global Governance Compared to the BRICS Countries
Change in State Nature Workshop ‘Expectation Management and Security’
G-20 Turkey 2015 Workshop ‘Power and Justice Building for Global Security and Prosperity’
Climate Modification Technology Workshop ‘Atmospheric Manipulation; Opportunities and Threats’
Energy Security Workshop ‘Turkey’s Nuclear Power Program 2030’
Turkish - Arab Relations Workshop ‘Multidimensional Security Building’
International Al-Quds Workshop ‘Arab Peace Initiative and Perspectives for Permanent Peace’