1st Turkey - China Forum

  • "New Era in Turkish – Chinese Relations: Opportunities and Risks"

Both countries can develop an effective strategic cooperation ground regarding the sustainability of the long term interests that bear great importance for both China and Turkey. In this context, it is important to look at the events in a broader geopolitical point of view.

In order to bring the Turkish-Chinese relations to an ideal point in the world system that is increasingly gaining a multidimensional appearance, Turkish and Chinese policy makers must steer for a structure that may constitute mutual depth not only on the political and strategic grounds but in the all parameters.

In this regard, the aim of the Turkey-China Forum, which is planned to be set out alternately every year, is to reveal opportunities and complementarily relations in the Turkish-Chinese relations with a strategic point of view and to build an institutional and intellectual ground for public opinions in both Turkey and China, without neglecting the issue areas.

Main Theme

'New Era in Turkish – Chinese Relations: Opportunities and Risks'


- Turkish-Chinese Economic Relations: Opportunities and Risks

- ASEAN Region and Turkey - China Relations

- Energy Security, Energy Supply Policies and Opportunities

- Sharing Technological Know-How

- Turkey - China Security Cooperation

- Middle East - African Countries - Turkey - China

- Central Asian Countries - Turkey - China

- Academic and Cultural Cooperation