1st International Mediterranean Congress

  • "Energy and Multidimensional Security"
The Mediterranean, who has direct links with Afro-Eurasia, has been located in the middle of the most important civilization geographies of the history and has played a founder role in the formation of these civilizations and the interaction among them. The Mediterranean, who links three continents, is important also according to its harmony which is derived of different cultures, religions, languages and political thoughts. In general, it is possible to divide the Mediterranean as the North and the South. The North has been politically drawing a rich and united/democratic view and has been economically developed by being derived of member and candidate countries of European Union who have coasts to the Mediterranean. 

Main Theme
‘Economy, Energy and Security; Opportunities’
Sub - Themes
Global Security and the Mediterranean Geopolitics and Economic Expansions
European Union and “Unity for the Mediterranean” : Balance-sheet and Perspectives
Transformations in Domestic Policies of Mediterranean Countries and the Mediterranean Security
Migration Problem and Social Security of Europe
The Mediterranean Vision of Turkey and Perspectives
Hidrogeopolitics of the Mediterranean Basin and Turkey