5th Türkiye - Africa Defence Security and Aerospace Forum

  • “The Future Security Ecosystem and Partnership for Strategic Transformation”
In the relations that have reached the“ strategic partnership " stage, it is important for Turkey to observe the activities of actors such as the USA and EU, especially China, in the continent with sensitivity and to develop its strategic policies with an open reflex to multilateral negotiations. The fifth of Turkey - Africa Defence Security and Aerospace Forum, where representatives from the defence, security, space sectors and institutions of Turkey and African countries will come together, will be held simultaneously with the Istanbul Security Conference which has been institutionalized as a global brand. The Forum; will continue to contribute strategically to mutual capacity building and strategic cooperation, respond to inventory and ecosystem needs by strengthening its institutionalization.

Sub-Themes | Cooperation Areas
Third Turkey-Africa Partnership Summit and New Dynamics
New Global Regional Dynamics and Africa
Rethinking Priorities and their Management
New Pandemics; Cyber Security, Food Scarcity, Production-Consumption Security
Co-Existence in the Future Security and Defence Ecosystem
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Although during the Russian war in Ukraine, Belarus may be qualified as a Russian proxy, paradoxically, it can be as well perceived as a country struggling to save the rest of its independence from Moscow. ;

The physical elimination of Evgeni Prigozhin and the commandment of the Wagner Group opens the question of the further use of mercenaries, not only in Ukraine but in wider regional context. Designed as a non-conventional solution of ‘delicate’ tasks abroad, Wagner and its leader turned into a ‘delic...;

Artificial intelligence has become an important turning point of technological developments. Especially with the use of this technology a transformation process has begun in our lives. Systems developed and under development together with artificial intelligence technology: for example, the developm...;

After the military coup, Niger's future hangs in uncertainty driven by terrorism, necessitating the presence of Western allies in the Sahel region.;

The ‘Security in East Mediterranean’ Workshop, the first event within the scope of the East Mediterranean Program initiated by the TASAM National Defence and Security Institute and the Near East South Asia Strategic Studies Center (NESA) affiliated to the US Ministry of Defense, is held at Sheraton ...;

After the end of the Cold War, relations between the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the Russian Federation (RF) have developed dynamically, albeit seemingly unevenly. The possibility of a genuine strategic partnership between Russia and China seemed to be downplayed.;

One of the economic and foreign policy objectives of Turkiye is the development of the Middle Corridor on the New Silk Road route and thus becoming a logistics base in the terrestrial East-West trade via Eurasia and being a center in the supply chain.;

Turkish stance towards the ongoing Russian aggression in Ukraine is based on the national interest that implies avoiding risks and profiting from opportunities created by the conflict. The ultimate aim is to make its own place in the post-war international system more optimal than it was in the pre-...;