5TH International Middle East Congress

  • “Future of the Middle Eastern Economy and Integration”
The symbolic importance of the region for, and its central position in, the Islamic world has led the geo-cultural and global strategic calculations become more complicated. Should the countries of the region be able to coordinate and integrate their economic policies, as it should be in all the other areas, they will be able to cover a considerable distance to cope with the political challenges in the regional and global arenas.

The 5th International Middle Eastern Congress, which will be held with the main theme of theFuture of the Middle Eastern Economy and Integration“, aims at contributing to the resolution of the regional issues and the development of the relations of Turkey with the Region.

Main Theme
Future of the Middle Eastern Economy and Integration

Political and Cultural Integration Experiences Effecting the Region
OIC, Arab League, Gulf Cooperation Organization

Country Perspectives
Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, Gulf Countries, Iran

Future of the Regional Economy Ecosystem
Diversification in the Economic Structure
Capital, Expertise Cooperation
Development of Quality of the Human Resources and Cooperation
Optimum Use of the Natural Resources, Strenghtening of the Local Economies
Transportation, Logistics, Legal Infrastructure

Mexico with its area of near 2 million km², strategic position in Central America, population of approximately 124 million, human resources, GDP of 1,223 trillion dollars and developing economy is a prominent country. Mexico also is a notable member and observer to many international organizations ...;

Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, is a country that attracts the attention of the world with its strategic location connecting Asia to Africa and Mediterranean to Indian Ocean, its leading role in the Arab and Islamic world, 34 million dynamic population, natural resources, 20% share in the proven oi...;

On the other hand, Brazil, which is the sixth country with its population of over 213 million and the fifth largest country with its surface area of over 8.5 million km², is an important political and economic power in Latin America and is one of the major players at the global level.;

The biggest problem in trade between Russia and Turkey is that; this relation has begun to shape in favor of Russia. In long term; this situation may cause political and economical problems with regards to sustainment of relations. Turkey’s growing need for energy and high energy prices are some of ...;

People's Republic of China has become the largest trade partner of Turkey, among Japan and South Korea and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. In parallel with the increase in trade volume, the relations between the two countries have gained momentum.;

Turkey is attempting to sign a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR), of which Argentina is a member. The "FTA Framework Agreement" signed in 2008 to determine the framework of FTA negotiations between Turkey and MERCOSUR entered into force in 2019. ;

The development of new alliances on security can be read from the risks and the initiatives undertaken by dominant countries. The quality of the concepts of property and power, and the business model change historically. The future of the EU with the "Failure in Success" syndrome will be determine...;

Ukraine, being a member of many regional and international organizations such as United Nations (UN), UN, Council of Europe, OSCE, CIS, WTO, GUAM, BSEC, AVET, BSEC, is one of the 21st century regional power candidates and it is foreseen that its importance will continue to increase in the near futur...;