'New World Regulation After Covid-19' Workshop

  • “System Models”
The Covid-19 outbreak is a critical milestone for the change in production, consumption, growth, and conventional power standards, including security and defense. Scenarios and preparations have become the top priority for the reinterpretation of the international immune system / infrastructure and for strategic transformation. In this context, developing “System Models for New World Regulation“ has become an imperative, not a choice.


Globalization," Global-Disintegration" and Regionalization Crises After Covid-19
“Global Trade - Regional Politics“ Conflict and New Definitions of Diplomacy After Covid-19
Civilizations and Alternative System Model Potentials
Turkey's "New World" Perceptions and Perspectives Founder Kurucu Perspektifler
World “New Turkey“ Perception and Critical Perspectives
International Organizations and Reform Capacities
Global Companies and Digital-Globalization and Their Roles in The Systems Crisis