BRAINS2 TÜRKİYE | Nanotechnology Program

  • Development of Vision, Strategy, Ecosystem and Market through the International Comparison
BRAINS2 TÜRKİYE Nanotechnology Program; will match the products and customers in accordance with the domestic and global position of the Turkish companies through analyzing the capabilities of the leading Turkish companies while finding answers regarding where our country should be positioned in that sector. Within the scope of this Program; the multidimensional specific studies and activities which comparatively examines the Nanotechnology Strategies/documents and markets of the countries such as US, England, Russian Federation, China, France, Germany and Japan, and in which the ideal strategy option for Turkey is presented shall be analyzed.    
Main Theme
Development of Vision, Strategy, Ecosystem and Market, through the International Comparison 
Development/Inventory of Nanotechnology R&D 
Nanotechnology Sources Ecosystem
Nanotechnology Governance and Regulation
Nanotechnology Human Resource
Nanotechnology and Security
Sectorial Analysis and Classification of Global Nanotechnology Market  
Analysis of Leading Turkish Firms and Product Matching
Cooperation and Competition through International Comparison
Diplomacy of Nanotechnology