Turkey - South Asia Strategic Dialogue Program

  • "Building Codependence in the New Ecosystem"
Turkey - South Asia Strategic Dialogue Program; aims at revealing how mutual potentials and existing collaborations can be transformed into a strategic alliance and targets to contribute to the capacity building of the strategic ground.
The Strategic Dialogue Program aims to promote the recognition of relevant institutions and foundations, to  increase the influence of civil societies, to contribute to development, to utilize the expertise in the development of resources and workplaces, to contribute to promotional ac-tivities, to explore opportunities for academic cooperation and to develop a strategic approach to ensure that all these studies are evaluated in integrity.

Main Theme
Building Codependence in the New Ecosystem

Economic Relations: Opportunities and Challenges
Regional Peacebuilding Efforts: Turkey - South Asian Countries
Turkey-EU Relations and the South Asian Countries
Technological, Academic and Cultural Cooperation
Middle East, Africa, South Asian Countries Bilateral and Multilateral Cooperation
Energy, Geopolitics and Security Cooperation
Relations with US and New Partners