Marine and Maritime Security Forum 2019

  • ”New Maritime Security Ecosystem and Eastern Mediterranean Sea“
Istanbul Security Conference whose theme “UN in the 70th Year and Global Governship“ was held in Istanbul Titanic Business Bayrampaşa Hotel between the dates of 04-05 December 2015 with constructive and sincere atmosphere.

Main Theme
“New Maritime Security Ecosystem and Eastern Mediterranean Sea“

Sub Themes
New Marine and Maritime Security Ecosystem
The Future of Turkey Maritime Sectors Ecosystem and Vision
Structuring of Turkish Naval Power and Force Distribution/Force Concentration
Greece's Military Activities in the Aegean and Security of the Islands
Exclusive Economic Zone Debates and Law of Sea Violations
The Place and Importance of Environmental Policies in Maritime Security
Current Status of Turkish Maritime Trade and Sectoral Analysis
MİLGEM and Defense Industry Studies for Maritime Security
Turkey's Shipbuilding Capabilities and Shipyards
Hinterland of Turkey's Ports and Growth Plans
The Position and Importance of Tourism in the National Economy
Security of the Black Sea after the Kerch Strait Incident
Aegean Sea Security After Imia Crisis and Aggressive Discourses
"Accomplished Facts" in Turkey's Sovereignty Areas
Energy Supply Security in the Eastern Mediterranean and The New Ecosystem of Competition
Turkey's Deepwater Drilling Capabilities
Discussions on the Construction of a Turkish Naval Base in Cyprus