CIVIL GLOBAL 2020 | Global Civil Diplomacy Summit

  • “Future Economy Ecosystem and Turkey”
Main Theme
“Future Economy Ecosystem and Turkey”
Soft/Smart Power Nuclear Technology 
Diplomacy Security and Defense 
Economy and Finance Human Resource and Health
Tourism and Culture  Transportation and Logistics
Technology and Industry Environment and City
Education and Science Diaspora
Energy, Water and Food  

Civic Global 2019 Summit and co-events

Continental Activities
8th International Turkish – Asian Congress | “Future of the Asian Economy and Turkey”
11th International Turkish – African Congress | “Future of the African Economy and Turkey”
6th Turkish - European Forum | “Future of the European Economy and Turkey”
4th Turkish - Latin American and Caribbean Congress | “Future of the Latin American Economy and Turkey”
Regional Activities
5th International Middle Eastern Congress | “Future of the Middle Eastern Economy and Turkey”
9th International Balkan Forum | “Future of the Balkans Economy and Turkey”
10th Balkan Communication Network Conference 
2nd International Black Sea - Caucasian Congress | “Future of the Black Sea – Caucasian Economy and Turkey”
2nd International Mediterranean Congress “Future of the Mediterranean Economy and Turkey”
Sectoral Activity(ies)
Sectoral Diplomacy Ecosystem Workshop(s) | “Future of the Economy Ecosystem and Sectoral Diplomacy”
[Humanitarian Diplomacy, Defense Diplomacy, Health Diplomacy, Belief Diplomacy, Culture and Art Diplomacy, Education Diplomacy, Science Diplomacy, Business/Trade Diplomacy, Thinking Diplomacy, Water Diplomacy, Food Diplomacy, Energy Diplomacy, Tourism Diplomacy, Security Diplomacy, City Diplomacy, Finance Diplomacy, Media and Information Diplomacy, Infrastructure Diplomacy, Service Diplomacy]