‘Linkages For Peace’ Seminar

  • “Connectivity-Road to Peace”
To commemorate the National day of Kosovo, ‘Linkages for Peace’ Seminar’ will be held in cooperation with Lahore Centre for Peace Research (LCPR), South Asia Strategic Research Center (GASAM), Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM), Pakistan Graduates and Members Assoc (PAMDER), Balkan Muslims Cooperation and Solidarity Assoc (BESADER) and Pak-Turk Friendship Assoc (PTF). While emphasizing on how regional and cross-border linkages can be fostered that contribute to and support the promotion of peace through bilateral trade, tourism, and economic development, The seminar will conclude with key ideas and suggestions that could support efforts aimed at increasing regional co-operation and integration and furthering different kinds of initiatives aimed at enhancing the level of connectivity in the region.

Main Theme
Connectivity-Road to Peace

Sub Themes
International Development, INGOs, and UN System
Regional Trade Blocks, EU, CEFTA
Culture and Media Connectivity
Security and Strategic Aspects of Connectivity Initiatives
The Role of Diplomacy and Connectivity in the 21st Century