Turkey - Russia Strategic Dialogue Program

  • “Civil Diplomacy Capacity Building: Sectoral and Financial Deepening”
The point where the two countries come is defined as "strategic cooperation". Also it is being deeply felt that there is an urgent necessity for collaborative works of the two countries so that the solutions for the regional issues can be found.  Now it is required that the two countries head towards a future structure, in order to uplift the Turkey - Russia relations an ideal point within a world power schema which takes its form in a multi-dimensional way, by creating a mutual deepening not only in political and strategic basis but also in its each parameters. History offers both the two countries opportunities for deepening their interdependency. In this regard, the Turkey - Russia Strategic Dialogue Program, which will bring together the representatives of the related sectors in a comprehensive way that includes the strategic dimension of the relations, will play a significant role. 
Main Theme
Civil Diplomacy Capacity Building: Sectoral and Financial Deepening
Sub Themes
Turkey - Russia Economic Relations: Opportunities and Obstacles
ASEAN Region and Turkey-Russia
Energy Security, Energy Supply Policies and Opportunities
Technology Sharing
Turkey - Russia Security Cooperation
Middle East- African Countries and Turkey - Russia
Central Asian Countries and Turkey-Russia
Academic and Cultural Cooperation