Turkey - Gulf Countries Strategic Dialogue Program

  • Interdependence and Trust Building
The "Interdependency and trust building" concept that will bring strength and justice to our civilization outside of religion, language, history and geography is the basic mental threshold in front of relations between Turkey and the Gulf States. The inclusion of Turkish and Gulf States Diasporas in the mutual process is one of the main strategic areas
Turkey - Gulf Countries Strategic Dialogue Program; Aims to provide academic and civil contribution in order to manage the Interdependence and Trust Building parameters between Turkey and the Gulf Countries, in particular, all the priorities detailed above, in order to manage and establish consciousness of common consciousness.
Main theme 
Interdependence and Trust Building

Sub Themes
Multi-Dimensional Security Cooperation: Political, Strategic and Economic Bases
Soft Power Building and Expectations Management: Experiences and Acquirements
Multi-Dimensional and Supplementary Security Cooperation: