Istanbul Security Conference 2018

  • "Security of the Future"
It is clear today's day-to-day rescue or chasing the current has no place in the concept of security. For this reason, Istanbul Security Conference 2018 with the main theme of "Security of the Future", will be held by TASAM National Defense and Security Institute. The agenda of the conference which broad participation of social scientists and academicians, government representatives, policymakers, experts, members of think tanks, members of security institutions, bureaucrats, and other interested parties are expected with full open-mindedness, two-sided and multi-disciplinary evaluation, are as follows:

Main Them
Security of the Future,

Sub-Themes (Panels)
Industry 4.0 in the Future’s Security
Artificial Intelligence in the Future’s Security
Robotic and Humanoid Robots
Future’s Ballistic, Conventional Defense and Space Industry
Security Organization of the Future and NATO
Security Organization of the Future and SCO
Security Organization of the Future and New Armies
Intelligence Management of the Future
Data Ecology, Network Security and Cyber Threats
Cyber Army Races
Digital Economy and the Future’s Security
Border Problems Management in the Future
Security Dilemma in the Future
Pitched Battle of Unmanned Vehicles' UAV, ULV, USV
Securitization of Future
New Media, Data Ecosystem and Security
Future’s Smart Cities and Security Governance
Soft Power Components of the Future

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