Turkey - Iran Round Table Meetings - 10

  • “Turkey-Iran Sustainable Strategy”
Turkey - Iran Round Table Meetings which are being held since 2008 in cooperation with TASAM and IPIS and subsequently Turkey-Iran Forum initiative which based on economics and will be held for fourth time this year in Tabriz in 17-19 April 2018 aim to institutionalize the Relations of two countries and deepen the relations by prioritizing some specific areas.

In this framework, it is aimed to recognize relevant institutions, increasing the impact of civil society, contribute to sectoral and financial deepening, utilization of expertise in the development of resources and workplaces, contributing to promotional activities, research on academic cooperation opportunities and to develop a strategic approach that will ensure that all these studies will be evaluated in integrity through the agency of Round Table Meetings.

Main Theme
Turkey - Iran Sustainable Strategy

Prior Economic Cooperation Opportunities for Turkey-Iran (Current Projects and OBOR)
Stable and Institutional Relation Models
Regional Relations in the Context of Geopolitics and Energy Politics
Bilateral Views for Regional Developments