European Union Symposium

The European Union Symposium will be held on 02 February 2018 with the participation of related authorities at Taxim Hill Hotel in Istanbul, with joint efforts of TASAM and Turkish European Scientific and Educational Research Foundation (TAVAK).
Turkey's main foreign policy priorities, one of the concrete steps relations with the West, the European Union and integration. Although many instruments have been used in the development of bilateral and multilateral relations, the beginning of membership negotiations and the negotiation process have taken place in political history as tough periods.
Trying to keep the negotiations at times been difficult for both sides, global crises have been overcome and mutual trust-reducing incidents have been experienced; the breakdown of some of the chapters, and finally the actual closure of the negotiation process in general. Member countries' membership to Turkey with the decision and to avoid disruption in financial assistance in support of the reforms has manifested his entourage as the political message of the negotiations, which actually stopped.
This whole process has created negative perceptions in both European and Turkish communities. As voices against Turkey from the EU, increased from Turkey it has gained social and political review and qualitative and quantitative steps against the EU and EU membership.