World Muslim Youth Summit and Exhibition | POWER 2018

  • “Society 5.0 and Youth”
In summary, the main goal of the program is to contribute by creating a continuous discussion environment upon these issues, proactive perspective with building soft power / public diplomacy and global youth governance in the Islamic world. With a view to reach in the target, paper is being asked; with this, parallel to the macro debate, there will be workshop to discuss the proposals and achieving concrete results.
Main Theme
Society 5.0 and Youth
Sub Themes
Building Thinking / Philosophical Infrastructure for Society 5.0
Strategic Development for Society 5.0
Building Technological Capacity for Society 5.0
Education Reforms for Society 5.0
Qualifying Brain Power for Society 5.0
Increasing Female Participation in Society 5.0
Society 5.0 in the Solution of Social Problems
Society 5.0 and Academic Activities
Society 5.0 and Job World
Legal and Bureaucratic Regulations