Turkey - Gulf Defence and Security Forum 2017

  • “Defence and Space Industry; Multi-Dimensional Cooperation Opportunities”
Turkey - Gulf Defence and Security Forum (to be compatible with the Istanbul Security Conference, which was institutionalized as a global brand) aims to provide academic and civil contribution in order to manage the Strategic Interdependence and Trust Building parameters between Turkey and the Gulf Countries with an approach that advocates defence and security, in particular, all the priorities detailed above, in order to manage and establish consciousness of common consciousness.

Main Theme
Defence and Space Industry; Multi-Dimensional Cooperation Opportunities

Sub Themes
Multi-dimensional Security Cooperation: Political, Strategic and Economic Goals
Defence and Space Industry: Opportunities and Risks
New Nature of Defense and Security Technologies
Building of Soft Power and Expectation Management: Experiences and Achievements
Cooperation in Cyber-security (Cyber Army Contests)
Multi-dimensional and Complementary Security Cooperation
(Environment, Terrorism, Smuggling, Security of Food, Energy and Water Supply, Population, Healthcare, Climate, Urban Planning, Technology etc.)
Middle East, Africa, Asian Countries and Turkey - Gulf
USA, EU and Relations with New Partners and Regional Strategies
Rising Powers in a Multi-polar World Adaptation to the Global Governance Structures

Spesific Workshops