8th World Islamic Forum

  • “Spiritual Authority and Integration in Theory and Practice”
The 8th World Islamic Forum was held in Istanbul on 01-02 March 2018 under the main theme of “Spiritual Authority and Integration In Theory and Practice“ with the participation of NGOs and think tanks, researchers, political representatives, ministers, diplomats, bureaucrats and parliamentarians.

Main Theme
Spiritual Authority and Integration in Theory and Practice

Islamic Political Accumulation and Clerical Authority
Common Values and Differences: Union within Multiculturalism
The Possibilities of Clerical and Political Leadership in the Face of Contemporary Social, Political and Economic Conditions
Politic/Religious Leadership in the Context of Relations among Civilizations: Possibilities and Threats
Threats which is Originated From lack of Religious/Politic Leadership in Counter Terrorism

8th World Islamic Forum 2018 | TEASER