2nd Turkey - Europe Forum

  • European Integration and Turkey

The developments which happened in the first decade of 21st Century are almost affected the whole century with its potential. With the observation of this potential, European Union has started a serious discussion process concerned with its identify, boarders and aims with the “The Laeken Declaration on the future of Europe“ which is written after 11 September terrorist attacks. With regarding the expressions of the declaration “in current situation Europe should be to stay as a dynamic body which continues to forward its own values to the whole world or to transform into an outdoor museum“.

There is a consensus in regards to the European Union developing, in many areas, its relations with Turkey for having a part in managing the globalization. As TASAM, we share this idea. Moreover, it would be hard to imagine us being inactive in the dynamic process the continent which Turkey is a part of it. While Europe is as an opportunity for our country, we believe that we have a responsibility and ability to resolve unavoidable political and economic global issues.

We aim to discuss the dynamics, namely internal and foreign policies, security, economy and energy which describe this continent again, on the base of European Union (to identify each of them with Turkey). We need to follow, analyze, and understand to processes in Europe for point of exit. In this framework, only understanding and explanation are not enough, and we think attending to this process. We believe to clarify how Turkey is efficient in this process in the contexts of our country and Europe’s interest. This belief creates to organize the 2nd Turkey - Europe Forum.