Balkan Meetings-1

  • Regional Security in Balkans and Nato

The First Balkan Meeting, which will gather Balkan countries diplomatic representatives, representatives of Turkish Government Agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations, will be organized in TASAM Ankara Office on 20 January 2010 with aim of contributing multidimensional foreign policy of Turkey.

The First meeting will be organized as a workshop under subtitle of “Regional Security and NATO in Balkans”. The Balkan Meetings will contribute development of mutual communication and interaction.  

Chairperson: Süleyman ŞENSOY, Chairman of TASAM

Subject: Regional Security in Balkans and NATO

1st Part: Presentation

-    H.E. Ambassador Tacan İLDEM,
      NATO Permanent Representative of Turkey
      General Manager of International Security Affairs of Turkey

-    Dragoljub LJEPOJA, Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina

2nd Part: “Presentation about 3rd International Balkan Congress and the Balkan

                 Network Annual Conference”

Note: There will be Turkish-English simultaneous translation.

For RSVP: TASAM Head Office (0212) 635 61 51
                   Dr. Caner Sancaktar 0546 808 44 67