Balkan Communıcatıon Network Annual Conference

  • Balkan Communıcatıon Network Annual Conference

Balkan Communication Network was established in Constitutional Conference which was organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey Center for Strategic Research in Ankara on 9-10 June 2005. Balkan Communication Network is composed of leading strategic research centers from all of the Balkan countries. Up to now, 2005 Ankara (Constitutional Conference), 2006 Sofia, 2007 Bucharest and 2008 Tekirdağ meetings of Balkan Communication Network were organized by the member centers and institutions.

The fifth meeting of Balkan Communication Network will be organized as workshop in the third day of the 3rd International Balkan Congress. Senior staffs of strategic research centers and institutions that are Balkan Communication Network members will participate in the Workshop. The Balkan Communication Network Workshop composed of two sessions will be started by opening speeches. The first session will be held after the opening speeches and the second session after lunch. Total time of each session has been planned as 120 minutes. Discussions and recommendations will be made in the Workshop about how Balkan Communication Network that started in 2005 can be more furthered and developed in the future.