TASAM Institutional
TASAM - Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies, which has been operating in the institutional body of a NGO as a “think tank” for fourteen years, has become an international “Turkish Brand”. Hundreds of doyen and respectable experts and academicians contribute to TASAM’s activities in its main management and sciebific or wise persons boards of its institutes, programs and projects.
Each taken initiative is managed with a strong institutionalization will and is supported by numerous instruments.
On the foreign policy field, TASAM acts under 10 different titles. These fields are continently Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and Caribbean and North America. The regional ones are Balkans, Middle East, Mediterranean and Black Sea - Caucasus which are - in every parameter- the security zone of these four continents in terms of Turkey. Also Turkic World and Islamic World are called as identical fields.
The studies, with three main titles as Macro Process, Strategic Locomotive Sectors and Development of Values, of the “Turkey’s Strategic Vision 2023 (TSV2023)” Project, which began 9 years ago under the auspices of Turkish Republic and initiative of TASAM, were revised with the main theme of Turkey 2053Power and Justice”.
The "Sectoral Institutes", many of which were firstly established in Turkey, form  a new business model for the innovation of macro policies and sectors.
TASAM has started a new Program to encourage all institutions/firms, which promise the potential, to take stronger and fertile initiatives in their fields. CIVIL GLOBAL | Global Civil Diplomacy Building Program, whose main theme was described as “Discovering the Potential” serves to mobilize the civil capacity with its all channels globally and to form networks with 19 sectorial descriptions.
The institutes, networks and platforms developed and institutionalized on various scales multilaterally, run their activities - according to the relevant management system – under the roof of TASAM WORLD Academy and Inovation Group. 



Continents ( 5 Area )
 Content ( 610 ) Event ( 163 )
Africa 64 239
Asia 67 276
Europe 13 52
Latin America & Carribean 12 38
North America 7 5
Regions ( 4 Area )
 Content ( 255 ) Event ( 41 )
Balkans 22 124
Middle East 15 103
Black Sea and Caucasus 2 23
Mediterranean 2 5
Identity Fields ( 2 Area )
 Content ( 376 ) Event ( 67 )
Islamic World 51 329
Turkish World 16 47
Turkey ( 1 Area )
 Content ( 353 ) Event ( 37 )
Turkey 37 353