Süleyman ŞENSOY
Süleyman ŞENSOY
TASAM Başkanı / Chairman
Release Date : 8/20/2009

While African countries that have increased their international activities day by day also participate in various strategic partnerships with other coun­tries, they aim to accelerate their own development processes in this direction and take an active part in the resolution process of the world.

The demand of the continent's population to participate in this process by trusting themselves, focusing on new opportunities and being a part of global change, points the positive alteration seen in the life conditions of Africa.

The high level visitations of European and American leaders alongside the Cairo and Lisbon Summits held with EU and the "African Forums" that have recently been carried out and that will continue to be periodically carried out in the future by rapidly developing countries such as People's Republic of China and India can be accepted as clear indicators of the importance given to the continent.

Whilst Turkey maintains its close affairs with Western partners within the framework of multi-dimensional foreign policy understanding, it performs a noteworthy progression in the European Union membership process and car-ries out regional political and economic expansions.

Turkey's "Expansion Plan Towards Africa" of 1998, the declaration of 2005 being the "African Year" and it's starting to participate in the meetings of African Union Summit as an observer country in the same year, "Turkish -African Cooperation Summit" held with the main theme of "solidarity and cooperation for a common future" in August 2009 and the second Summit planned to be carried out in 2013 in Africa all have an importance in terms of a planned and systematical development of the relations. Again the services of TİKA carried out in the health, agriculture and education sectors in Africa sig-nificantly support sustainable policies.

Within the direction of these policies, the government of Turkish Republic and governmental facilities make an effort to develop the relations with African countries with an increasing acceleration. Turkey aims the reso-lution of the problems of African countries and is displaying its determination


on this matter by supporting many related projects. And African countries evaluate Turkey as a sincere country that does not have political agenda con-cerning themselves.

Turkey's determined and systematic policies implemented under the framework of a "strategic partnership" with African countries and constructive developments seen in the political and economic relations shall at the same time be seen in personal level, too.

Today, CSOs come together and discuss their problems mutually and establish common forums in a similar way to the summits held in the level of Presidents of Governments and States. In order to make the visits and nego-tiations held between Turkish and African officials also effective in societies, these relations shall be performed by CSOs and various activities that will bring about effective results in different areas shall be arranged, and CSOs shall understand and get to know each other better. This way, the decisions taken in summits will be generalized by the CSOs to the societies and they will be implemented more successfully.


Süleyman ŞENSOY

Chairman of TASAM

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