Turkey - U.S. Forum In Istanbul
Release Date : 7/12/2011
Turkey - U.S. Forum In Istanbul

The new era of the Turkey-U.S. relations is brought to the table in Istanbul with the joint efforts of Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM) and Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies (NESA)

The theme of the Turkey–U.S. Forum, to which researchers, academicians, think thank representatives and diplomats from both countries will be participating, and which will be held at the Ortaköy Princess Hotel between 14-16 July 2011 is as follows: “New Era in the Turkish-U.S. Relations: Opportunities and Risks”

Süleyman Şensoy, the president of TASAM, has expressed during the briefing he held regarding the aforementioned subject that even though Turkey and USA had long standing relations and the relationship between these two-countries seemed stable, nevertheless they have faced some traumas in recent years, and continued: “Turkey continues to be a key ally for USA and still sees USA as an extremely important partner.  Two countries share common interests such as supporting peace and stability in the Middle East, fighting against terrorism, promoting an open and global economy, providing safe energy transportation, maintaining the security in the Black sea, Caucasus and Central Asia regions and ensuring the continuity of beneficial cooperation with United Nations. Such an important overlapping of interests provides a wide spectrum of opportunities promising a future of mutually beneficial co-operation”.

President Şensoy, after stating that the structure of the relation should be expanded and deepened for serving wider strategic interests for both countries, added: “Turkey-U.S. relations need to transform into a structure that is not based only on politics and strategy, but also creates a mutual perspective in all parameters for achieving the “model partnership” that is expressed within the world power systematic shaped multi dimensionally”.

Şensoy said that they would make the Turkey-U.S. Forum every year with the aim of improving and strengthening the relations between Turkey and USA and to serve as a platform that presents opportunities and ideas which serves the interests of both countries in the Region even better as well as in the areas that extend to a wider geography.

During the Forum to be held with Chatham House rule; subjects matters such as “Discussing Risks and Opportunities”, “Turkey-U.S. Relations: Understanding the Current Challenges”, “Iran: Differing Apprehensions of Impact on the Region”, “Policies toward Israel and the Arab Israeli Peace Process”, “Iraq: Creating Stability?”,Addressing the “Arab Spring,” Part I”, “Addressing the “Arab Spring,” Part II”, “The Way Ahead for the U.S.-Turkey Forum “ will be discussed.

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