World Muslim Women Summit and Exhibition | WISE 2018
Titanic Business Bayrampasa / Istanbul / Turkey
01 - 03 March 2018
In the World Muslim Women Summit and Exhibition | WISE 2018 which will be realized within the frameworks of World Islamic Forum, along with complementary relations of woman - man, the discussion platform and activities are planned to be organized where participants from all over the world in interactive atmosphere will discuss universal issues and look for universal solutions and suggest them to deal with problems of Muslim women facing in modern period.
The main goal of this event is to create discussion field on these issues, and make an intellectual contribution to the perspectives of building soft power/public diplomacy of Islamic world and women governance. Parallel to macro discussions, projected workshops studies’ call of paper was adopted to be prepared project/policy-based so that project/policy proposals can be discussed and concrete results can be achieved.
Main Topic
One Woman - One World | Politics for Building Power and Justice
Sub Topics
Women and Men; Competition in Well Being
Women’s Role in Building Power, Justice and Civilization
New Global Balance, Competition Parameters and Woman
Changing Nature of State, Expectation Management and Woman
Model Role in Building Human Capital; Mother
World Muslim Women Summit  and Exhibition | WISE 2018
Vision Document
Vision Document Arabic
Istanbul Declaration English
Istanbul Declaration Arabic
Call For Paper
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