8th International Balkan Forum
Pullman İstanbul Otel | Istanbul / Turkey
21 - 22 April 2016
“Trade, Investment, Finance and Competition”
“Balkanization” is a word; that has been used since WW1, that we use describing the disintegration of Yugoslavia, and that describes the dynamics of geography by getting right to the basis of the subject. This word was used during the periods when ethnic conflicts and social disintegration were at the hottest point, is today used to draw attention towards economic inconsistency as well.

Main Theme
“Trade, Investment, Finance and Competition”
Sub Themes
Balkans' Transformation into the Free Market Economy
Industry, Investment, Trade;  Sectoral Distribution in the Balkans
World Energy Markets and their Regional Effects, Renewable Energy Investments as a Global Trend
Unemployment and Poverty
Relations between Turkey and the Balkans: Opportunities and Expectations
8th  International Balkan Forum
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